Traditional and Trendy Hair Styles

Hair styles have traditionally come full circle, moving sporadically up and down based on the latest and greatest fads and celebrity madness found in Hollywood and on "T.V. Land".  As a hair stylist or master barber, these trends keep  hair professionals on their toes and lend to an ever-changing pallette of hair service and hair style offerings.  Here at JTown Barbers, having been in the hair industry for nearly 30 years, we have seen the styles come and go.  As a result, our capabilities have grown more extensive with each decade of changes in hair styles and hair services.  Whether it be hair extensions, hair color treatment, or extending our shop to include hair products, we've made it a goal to maintain the traditional hair cut capabilities, but also remain flexible to the trends of hair enthusiasts at each age level.  We would love to be your one stop shop for hair care services, we ensure you will be satisfied with the service we provide.  Come in and see us today, and we'll give you 50% off your first regular hair cut as a thank you for coming in!