The Straight Razor Shave Experience

Here at J-Town Barber Shop of Louisville, KY, we believe in the straight razor shave experience!  It's not just about getting the beard removed, but more about getting a smooth shave and having a very relaxing experience!

Tradition Returns
Back in the day it was a common thing to see a man getting a shave in a barber shop. I suppose convenience caused this tradition to go away.  But it has returned!  At J-Town Barber Shop we’ve brought back the steam towels and the hot lather machines!  Now many men are enjoying a relaxing service not seen for decades.

Not only is it relaxing, but there are practical benefits as well.

Benefits of the Straight Razor Shave
Shaving with a single, straight blade is actually easier on your skin than shaving with a double or triple-blade razor. 

Why is this? Two of the most common problems with shaving -- razor burn and ingrown hairs -- are directly attributable to using more than one blade.

In the case of razor burn, a triple-blade scrapes the skin three times as much as a single blade. This leads, of course, to three times the irritation.

As for ingrown hairs, those are caused by the multi-blade technique of pulling the hair out and cutting it below the line where it penetrates the skin. When the hair grows back, it can grow back under the skin.

Come in today and begin to enjoy the barber shop as a place to see friends, relax and enjoy yourself.  Like I said… Pamper yourself with a straight razor shave at J-Town Barber Shop!