The Fall Season Has Arrived

Seasonal Hair Style Changes
Fall is a great season to make a change in hair style as well.  As you make the change in your wardrobe and most likely in your house decorations, the styles for hair this season in the hair industry and barber shops across Louisville, KY are really cool and you can get in on the fun.  At J-Town Barber Shop, your whole family can get a new hair cut, and if its your first time, we'll knock 50% off for the regular cuts.

What's Trending in the Barber Shops
With the come back of the long, Justin Bieber style hair cut, most barbers are seeing the guys go long with their hair.  (Or maybe I should say Tom Brady, for those football fans out there.)  Hair is a trendy fashion cycle, depending on the trends, you may want to get on board and see if you can pull of the latest hair style.  Or you could be different, and go against the grain, by getting a hair cut that challenges the status quo. 

Good News
No matter the choice of your hair this fall season, J-Town Barber Shop has seen it all, and can get you a hair cut or hair service of your choice.  We service the whole family's hair care needs.  Stop by and see us or check us out on Facebook!