The Art of the Flat Top

The Art of the Flat Top
One of JTown Barbers of Louisville, KY professional services the flat top is done with electric clippers to cut the side and back hair to or near the scalp, and then more intricate cutting is done on the top hair to achieve a level plane. The flat top can be achieved in various forms or styles. Starting with the sides and back, the length can vary from half an inch to totally bald. The bald look flat top must still be blended into the top with no shadow or line seperating the two areas. The top can be at various lengths as well, depending on the clients hair and how easily their hair stands up.

Maintaining a Great Flat Top
The key to a great flat top is making the hair stand straight up before the final square look is achieved. A good stiff gel is a good tool to use to give the hair support -- to get it to stand up. At JTown Barber Shop in Louisville Ky. we sell many great products including REDKEN FOR MEN –STAND TOUGH hair gel as the best for this purpose. STAND TOUGH gel will help the flat top “stand up” but won’t flake and is water soluable. REDKEN STAND TOUGH GEL is used in small amounts to achieve the goal but won’t be felt in the hair. The hair is blow dried –completely dry --to stand straight up. All water must be dried out of the hair before final cutting or the hair will fall and perfect ion will not be achieved. Wax can be used to stiffen the front of the flattop and to achieve a “line across the front if desired.

Because the shape of a flattop is, by definition, not compatible with the round shape of a human head, there can often be a spot on the very center of the top that is buzzed shorter to achieve a flat surface, almost to the point of being shaved. This area is called the "landing strip," because this area of the head with shorter hair resembles a grassless aviation landing area. The flat top can also be styled longer to achieve a more natural look. Because the haircut is so short and quickly grows out of its precisely-cut shape, maintenance haircuts are required at least every few weeks, and many flat top wearers get haircuts as often as once per week.

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