Hair Tip of the Week: Preventing Hair Loss

This week's tip involves the prevention of hair loss, something males and females are both facing in today's society.  With the advance of technology, and the demand for a solution, hair loss treatment has become something doctors, physicians, and the laymen have studied to counteract.  As we mentioned last time, having a healthy diet plays a vital role in your hair health.  But preventing hair loss has a lot of variables.  The one that we have narrowed in on at this point, is the hormone DHT.  DHT is a hormone that some hair is sensitive to, and others are not, according to Bosley experts.  The hair on the top of the head seems to be less resistant, thus begins to thin, or fall out.  The hair in the back and on the sides of the head, seem to be resistant to DHT, thus staying in tact as time goes on. 

JTown Barbers and Style Shop has looked into providing a solution to our customers who are concerned about hair loss.  In addition to the hair services we provide, we also provide Bosley hair loss treatment products in the shop.  If you would like a great hair cut, and some advice on what to do about thinning hair, we have a solution for you.

We hope this week's hair tip was a blessing to you.  Come back next time for more hair tips and hair information on how JTown Barbers can better serve your family's hair care needs.