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Welcome to the JTown Barber Shop blog, where we post updates, sales, and barber shop information that we think might be helpful to our customers. In a nutshell, we do men's cuts, kid's cuts, straight razor shaves, flat tops, latest trends, and grey blending color. If you are in the Louisville, KY (JTown) area and need a haircut, stop by!

Treat Yourself to a Straight Razor Shave

Come on .....Admit it, You've always wanted one. So here's your chance. Old fashioned straight razor shaves complete with steam towels and hot shave cream. Your wife is getting a style, manicure and a pedicure and she's spending way over 100 bucks at the salon doing it. Here's your chance to go for it. Let the pros at J-town Barbers show you what you've been missing. Its a scientific fact...if you get one....you'll get another one.

4 Barbers....No Wait. Over 70 years of combined hair cutting experience under one roof. jtownbarbershop.com in the heart of J-Town next door to Chenoweth Appliances and across the street from Moby Dick.

Don't Lay an Egg This Easter - Get a Haircut!

Don't you lay an egg for Easter this year! Come on over to J-Town Barbers and look really good for the family and friends that take those pictures that last forever! Haven't you ever looked at an old pic of yourself and someone says..."OMG, look at that Hair"? J-Town Barbers to the rescue! We feature over 70 years of professional barbering experience under one roof. We also do OLD FASHIONED STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVES complete with hot steam towels and hot shave cream.

What are you waiting for? OMG!!!!! jtownbarbershop.com 261-7400 tues- fri 9-6 sat 8-5 in the heart of J-town right next door to Chenoweth Appliances and right accoss the street from Moby Dick plenty parking in the rear of building.

You can also come visit us on Facebook to see our latest deals, news, and topics!

Spring Forth Oh Hair

We have an amazing product for hair treatment known and made by Bosley, the #1 Product for Hair Restoration. Since 1974, Bosley has been helping people with hair restoration through natural results.

Bosley’s follicular- unit techniques result in a hair restoration so natural that customers are challenged to tell the transplanted hair from the non-transplanted hair. JTown Barbers is a confident proponent of Bosley’s proven hair care product and we offer great deals on these popular items.

Come in today and let us know how we can help you restore that hair! Have a great day!

Merry Christmas from JTown Barbers

Merry Christmas!! Look good for the Christmas season. Here at J-Town Barbers we do men's cuts, kid's cuts, straight razor shaves, flat tops, , beard trims and the latest long hair trends as well . If you are in the Louisville, KY (JTown) area and need a haircut, stop by! If you're looking for a stocking stuffer, try a gift certificate for an old fashioned straight razor shave from J-town Barber Shop. Hot steam towels and hot shave cream.....very relaxing!!

We are professional barbers located in the heart of the Gaslight district of historic Jeffersontown, Kentucky near the intersection of Taylorsville Rd. and Watterson Trail. We are right next door to Chenoweth Appliances and right across the street from Moby Dick restaurant.

Find us at jtownbarbershop.com or call 261-7400 We are open Tuesday- Friday 9-6 and Saturdays 8-5

Barber Shop - Back to School Cuts for Kids

Send Your Kids Back to School in Style
It's back to school time in Louisville, Kentucky, and here at J-Town Barbers we are ready to help you get ready for the school year.  Going back to school with a nice clean haircut is a must! So come on by J-Town Barber Shop with the kids......we do 'em......any age!  We can do any type of hair cut!

  • Layer cuts
  • "Justin Beiber" cuts
  • fades
  • buzz cuts
  • long hair
  • short hair

Dad Can Get in on the Fun Too!
We also have anything Dad wants too!  You name it we can do it... Taper cuts, flat tops, layer cuts......even old fashioned straight razor shaves with hot steam towels and extra hot shave cream for a relaxing experience not found many places.

We are professional barbers located in the heart of the Gaslight district of historic Jeffersontown, Kentucky near the intersection of Taylorsville Rd. and Watterson Trail. We are right next door to Chenoweth Appliances and right across the street from Moby Dick restaurant.

We are open Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturdays 8-5. Phone 261-7400 or find us online at jtownbarbershop.com

Welcome New Barber - West Jones

New Barber in Town at JTown Barbers
Everyone come in and welcome West Jones to J-Town Barbers. West has a bright future at J-Town Barbers and specializes in shorter hair styles including fades, taper cuts, layer cuts, beard trims, kids cuts and old fashioned straight razor shaves. West Jones invites all his friends and old customers to find him at J-Town Barbers located at 10308 Taylorsville Rd.

West's hours are Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturday 8-5. Give West a call at 261-7400 and come on in for a haircut today!

JTown Barbers, A Family Favorite

A Place for the Family
JTown Barber Shop in Louisville, KY is a place for the whole family to get their hair care needs taken care of. Master barber Cary Harrison, a family man himself, loves to see new faces and new families come in for a haircut, or just to say hi.  Here at JTown Barber Shop, we take great pride in making sure our customers are taken care of, we treat them like family.  Bring your family in today for a hair cutting extravaganza, spring weather is here and you want to look your best, without breaking the bank!

50% Discount
We are offering a 50% discount on all regular hair cuts for first time visitors to the barber shop.  Take advantage of the offer while it lasts!

Spring is Here

Time for a Haircut
Spring is here and its time for a haircut!  JTown Barbers in Louisville, KY is taking new clients and customers, whether you like the traditional shave, long hair, short hair, flat top, or any of the latest trends in Hollywood! Bring your family in for a hair cut extravaganza and meet our team of master barbers and hair specialists.

Spring Deals and Discounts
This Spring we are giving 50% OFF first time guests regular hair cuts!  That's a deal that speaks... if you have any questions or would like to talk to the Master Barber Cary Harrison, give us a call and we'd be happy to chat!

Also, check us out on Facebook, we have a fan page where you will catch the latest deals!

Spring is Right Around the Corner

Spring Time is a Great Time for a New Hair Cut
Spring is busy here at J-Town Barber Shop. Folks are getting out and doing more things, including, getting their hair cut. With the warmer weather not as much insulation is needed to cover your ears so stop on by J-town Barber Shop in Louisville, Kentucky.

Convenient Location
We're located in the heart of J-town on Taylorsville Road, just three doors before the intersection of Taylorsville Rd and Watterson Trail right next door to Chenoweth Appliances.

What Hair Styles We Do
We do everything from short styles, tapers and flat tops to the longer styles and even old fashioned straight razor shaves!  We're open Tuesday through Friday 9-6 and Saturdays 8-5. Phone us at 261-7400 or visit us online at jtownbarbershop.com

Facebook Connect
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JTown Barber Has Loyal Customers

Loyal and True, We Want to Thank You
With so much snow this winter, here at JTown Barbers of Louisville,KY, we've enjoyed the consistent flow of customers who come in to get a warm shave, or a beard trim, or a classic/regular hair cut and bless us with your good company. We just wanted to say thank you to all of our loyal, faithful customers in JTown of Louisville who come in and allow us to do the professional hair services we love!

Looking for a Barber Shop for your family?  We do all the family services at a great price.  Come on in today and get a 50% off disounct on your first regular hair cut.  Meet our classy, fun, and family friendly barbers today...

Cold Weather, Warm Shave

Warm Straight Razor Shave
When the winter chill gets to be too much for you, come on in to JTown Barbers and get a clean, warm straight razor shave. Kick back and relax in a great atmosphere for both you and your family.  If you've never been to JTown Barbers, we have a special for regular hair cuts that gives you 50% off your first visit.  Stop by and see our team of master barbers and have yourself a refreshing time with JTown Barbers.

Have a great day!

Holiday Haircuts

Holiday Haircuts
You've got to look good for the family and all those pictures you'll look at for years to come! Try us for a layer cut, fade, flat top, long hair style, beard trim, or an old fashioned straight razor shave.  Get away from the shopping crowds, and come in for a relaxing experience with our professional team of barbers.  We have a combined 65 years of experience that can handle any cut or any situation you can bring to us!

We Do Kids Too
BRING YOUR KIDS! Master Barbers Cary Harrison, Mike Dever, and Bob Bowman are here to serve you with the best in barbering and hair styling not only for adults, but we specialize in kids hair cuts too.  We are located right in the JTown area of Louisville. Check us out here at jtownbarbershop.com and become a fan on Facebook so we can keep you posted on the latest deals and coupons.

Merry Christmas
Have a great holiday season and from all of us at JTown Barbers, Merry Christmas!  As a treat for your busy holiday season, print this coupon below and receive the 50% off your first regular cut!


The Straight Razor Shave Experience

Here at J-Town Barber Shop of Louisville, KY, we believe in the straight razor shave experience!  It's not just about getting the beard removed, but more about getting a smooth shave and having a very relaxing experience!

Tradition Returns
Back in the day it was a common thing to see a man getting a shave in a barber shop. I suppose convenience caused this tradition to go away.  But it has returned!  At J-Town Barber Shop we’ve brought back the steam towels and the hot lather machines!  Now many men are enjoying a relaxing service not seen for decades.

Not only is it relaxing, but there are practical benefits as well.

Benefits of the Straight Razor Shave
Shaving with a single, straight blade is actually easier on your skin than shaving with a double or triple-blade razor. 

Why is this? Two of the most common problems with shaving -- razor burn and ingrown hairs -- are directly attributable to using more than one blade.

In the case of razor burn, a triple-blade scrapes the skin three times as much as a single blade. This leads, of course, to three times the irritation.

As for ingrown hairs, those are caused by the multi-blade technique of pulling the hair out and cutting it below the line where it penetrates the skin. When the hair grows back, it can grow back under the skin.

Come in today and begin to enjoy the barber shop as a place to see friends, relax and enjoy yourself.  Like I said… Pamper yourself with a straight razor shave at J-Town Barber Shop!

The Art of the Flat Top

The Art of the Flat Top
One of JTown Barbers of Louisville, KY professional services the flat top is done with electric clippers to cut the side and back hair to or near the scalp, and then more intricate cutting is done on the top hair to achieve a level plane. The flat top can be achieved in various forms or styles. Starting with the sides and back, the length can vary from half an inch to totally bald. The bald look flat top must still be blended into the top with no shadow or line seperating the two areas. The top can be at various lengths as well, depending on the clients hair and how easily their hair stands up.

Maintaining a Great Flat Top
The key to a great flat top is making the hair stand straight up before the final square look is achieved. A good stiff gel is a good tool to use to give the hair support -- to get it to stand up. At JTown Barber Shop in Louisville Ky. we sell many great products including REDKEN FOR MEN –STAND TOUGH hair gel as the best for this purpose. STAND TOUGH gel will help the flat top “stand up” but won’t flake and is water soluable. REDKEN STAND TOUGH GEL is used in small amounts to achieve the goal but won’t be felt in the hair. The hair is blow dried –completely dry --to stand straight up. All water must be dried out of the hair before final cutting or the hair will fall and perfect ion will not be achieved. Wax can be used to stiffen the front of the flattop and to achieve a “line across the front if desired.

Because the shape of a flattop is, by definition, not compatible with the round shape of a human head, there can often be a spot on the very center of the top that is buzzed shorter to achieve a flat surface, almost to the point of being shaved. This area is called the "landing strip," because this area of the head with shorter hair resembles a grassless aviation landing area. The flat top can also be styled longer to achieve a more natural look. Because the haircut is so short and quickly grows out of its precisely-cut shape, maintenance haircuts are required at least every few weeks, and many flat top wearers get haircuts as often as once per week.

Come on in to JTown Barber Shop of Louisville, KY and get your hair care needs dealt with in a professional, fun, and positive atmosphere!  Don't forget our deal of the week:


The Fall Season Has Arrived

Seasonal Hair Style Changes
Fall is a great season to make a change in hair style as well.  As you make the change in your wardrobe and most likely in your house decorations, the styles for hair this season in the hair industry and barber shops across Louisville, KY are really cool and you can get in on the fun.  At J-Town Barber Shop, your whole family can get a new hair cut, and if its your first time, we'll knock 50% off for the regular cuts.

What's Trending in the Barber Shops
With the come back of the long, Justin Bieber style hair cut, most barbers are seeing the guys go long with their hair.  (Or maybe I should say Tom Brady, for those football fans out there.)  Hair is a trendy fashion cycle, depending on the trends, you may want to get on board and see if you can pull of the latest hair style.  Or you could be different, and go against the grain, by getting a hair cut that challenges the status quo. 

Good News
No matter the choice of your hair this fall season, J-Town Barber Shop has seen it all, and can get you a hair cut or hair service of your choice.  We service the whole family's hair care needs.  Stop by and see us or check us out on Facebook!

JTown Barbers Is For the Family

Who We Are
J-Town Barbers offers an experienced staff for all your barbering needs. Master Barbers Cary Harrison and Bob Bowman have been in the barber and hair service business for over 30 years. Cary has been in J-Town for over 20 years alone. Mike Dever has been with J-Town Barber Shop since graduating from Barber College and has received his Master Barbers certification.

What We Offer
We offer layer cuts, taper cuts, fades, flat tops, straight razor shaves, beard trims, long hair, short hair….men, women, and children of all ages! We also use Redken Color Camo for adding “pepper” to your salt and pepper hair color.

Where We Are
10308 Taylorsville Rd.
Tuesday- Friday 9-6 Saturday 8-5

New Addition to the Team

We are excited here at J-Town Barber Shop to announce our newest member to the team, Bob Bowman. Bob has been in the barber business for over 30 years and is a class act!  We welcome him to the barber shop, you should come on over and do the same!

50% Off Regular Hair Cut
Also, remember, we are offering 50% off your first regular hair cut, so come on in and meet the team today.  We are located right in the heart of JTown.

Traditional and Trendy Hair Styles

Hair styles have traditionally come full circle, moving sporadically up and down based on the latest and greatest fads and celebrity madness found in Hollywood and on "T.V. Land".  As a hair stylist or master barber, these trends keep  hair professionals on their toes and lend to an ever-changing pallette of hair service and hair style offerings.  Here at JTown Barbers, having been in the hair industry for nearly 30 years, we have seen the styles come and go.  As a result, our capabilities have grown more extensive with each decade of changes in hair styles and hair services.  Whether it be hair extensions, hair color treatment, or extending our shop to include hair products, we've made it a goal to maintain the traditional hair cut capabilities, but also remain flexible to the trends of hair enthusiasts at each age level.  We would love to be your one stop shop for hair care services, we ensure you will be satisfied with the service we provide.  Come in and see us today, and we'll give you 50% off your first regular hair cut as a thank you for coming in!

Hair Tip of the Week: Preventing Hair Loss

This week's tip involves the prevention of hair loss, something males and females are both facing in today's society.  With the advance of technology, and the demand for a solution, hair loss treatment has become something doctors, physicians, and the laymen have studied to counteract.  As we mentioned last time, having a healthy diet plays a vital role in your hair health.  But preventing hair loss has a lot of variables.  The one that we have narrowed in on at this point, is the hormone DHT.  DHT is a hormone that some hair is sensitive to, and others are not, according to Bosley experts.  The hair on the top of the head seems to be less resistant, thus begins to thin, or fall out.  The hair in the back and on the sides of the head, seem to be resistant to DHT, thus staying in tact as time goes on. 

JTown Barbers and Style Shop has looked into providing a solution to our customers who are concerned about hair loss.  In addition to the hair services we provide, we also provide Bosley hair loss treatment products in the shop.  If you would like a great hair cut, and some advice on what to do about thinning hair, we have a solution for you.

We hope this week's hair tip was a blessing to you.  Come back next time for more hair tips and hair information on how JTown Barbers can better serve your family's hair care needs.

Hair Tip of the Week: Healthy Hair Foods

There are so many products out there for hair care these days that one could be tempted to get really frustrated on what to choose!  Well, I have good news.  Hair care products are very important, and we offer Redken and Bosley products to all of our customers.  However, there are other ways to take care of your hair.

For instance, what you eat plays a vital role in your hair's health.  A good diet can prevent hair loss, improve hair texture, and increase hair shine along with many other factors that help a person's physical appeal.  Below are some tips that have been shared by experts and have shown to help with overall hair health.

10 of the top foods to eat for healthy hair:

  1. Salmon
  2. Dark Green Vegetables
  3. Beans
  4. Nuts
  5. Poultry
  6. Eggs
  7. Whole Grain
  8. Oysters
  9. Low-Fat Dairy
  10. Carrots

We hope this week's hair tip was a blessing to you.  Come back next time for more hair tips and hair information on how JTown Barbers can better serve your family's hair care needs.

Welcome to the J-Town Barbers Website!

Welcome to the new website for J-Town Barbers and Style Shop!  As a gift to all of our first time guests to the shop, we are giving a generous 50% off discount on all regular cuts.  So, if you have never been here before, or if you know a friend looking for a place to get a great haircut, J-Town Barbers is the place.  Simply print this coupon and bring it in and 50% is on the house!  We look forward to seeing you and be sure to check out the new site or link up with us on Facebook and get the latest deals on haircuts!